EarlyBird Chinese Program for kids

EarlyBirds Kids Chinese Program

  • Learning Chinese can help students do better in school. Chinese can be a challenging language to master. After learning it, other academic subjects become easier by comparison. It’s not uncommon for students who have been studying Chinese to get into honors and advanced-level classes.

  •  Learning Chinese opens doors. China is flourishing, offering many business opportunities for someone who speaks the language. Kids who learn Chinese today are setting themselves up to take advantage of these opportunities in the future.

2019 – upcoming programs 

Children groups (age 6 -14)

NEW 2019- EarlyBird Chinese Program for children (available to enrol) 

2019- EarlyBird Chinese Program for children (available to enrol)

2019-EarlyBird Chinese Program for children (available to enrol)

Brittany’s Class – above

Alex’s Class – above

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We also have Chinese class for adults. For more information about our adult programs, click here


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