Chinese Proficiency Tests Centre (WA)

The Chinese Proficiency Tests Centre (WA) [汉语水平考试中心 (西澳)] at Perth Beijing School Pty Ltd is formally established in 5 September 2017.

We are an authorised Chinese Proficiency Testing centre in WA, Australia.

The Centre conducts all four categories of Tests:

  1. 汉语水平考试 HSK (for adults or university students)
  2. 少儿考试YCT (for school students)
  3. 商务汉语考试 BCT (for business Chinese)
  4. 汉语水平口语考试 HSKK (for speaking Chinese)


New – 2018 HSK exam registration open now

Download the application form here>>>> 



Proposed Chinese Proficiency Tests Committee (WA)

The Centre is seeking stakeholders advice to establish the Chinese Proficiency Tests Committee (WA) and the Committee member appointment recommendation to facilitate broad collaborations between the Centre and Chinese language providers in Western Australia to enhance Chinese language teaching and Chinese Proficiency Tests in Western Australia.

The Proposed committee is formed by leaders and representatives from various sectors including:


  • Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Western Australia
  • universities
  • secondary schools
  • Chinese community schools
  • government organisations


For more information, please contact us by email:


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