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Are you looking for reliable and independent Chinese-English translation? Would you like to use Chinese translation and interpretation service that is operated by highly experienced professionals in Perth, Western Australia?

You are in the right place!  Perth Beijing Translation and Interpreting Services Pty Ltd is a truly Perth-based Chinese translation firm, specialising in English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation and interpretation.


Why Use Our Chinese translation and interpretation Service?

  • Translation and Interpretation quality is the most important thing: accurate; culturally appropriate; inclusive of recommendations to help you communicate better

  • Independent and confidential service

  • Competitive Costs: We charge competitively and fairly

  • Local knowledge: Our in-house Chinese translation team is supported by highly respected Chinese-language advisers

  • The firm is owned by Chinese translators and interpreters in Perth. We are not a translation agency.

What do we translate and interpret?

  • General Translation – presentations, books, brochures, business letters, websites, contracts, memorandum of understanding, transcription, subtitles, voice overs, emails, handbooks, business cards, licenses, resumes, speeches and so on.

    Reports & Presentations – project valuation reports(JORC), financial due diligence reports, Business presentations, ASX announcements and so on.

  • Industry Specific Translation – translation of texts specific to financial services, resources and mining, tourism, education, agriculture, engineering, legal, immigration and real estate and so on.

  • NAATI accredited translation services

  • General English <> Chinese Interpreting services

  • NAATI accredited English <> Chinese Interpreting services




Introduce Our Chinese Translation and Interpreting Partners

Mr. Alex Shi (Managing Partner) was born in Beijing and came to Australia in 2002 where he studied Accounting, Finance and business law at UNSW. Mr. Shi has diverse experience in both China and Australia, working for Deloitte and Glencore in Beijing before working with a leading national financial services firm in Perth. Mr. Shi’s pedigree as a translator is second to none with both his parents being influential business journalists within China. Mr. Shi’s previous translation and interpreting experience has focused on the Agriculture, Education, Resources, Engineering, Properties, Tourism, Financial and Business sectors. His clients consist small, medium and large businesses/organisations in WA.

Ms. Jiping Zou (Senior Consultant) has more than 20 years of rich and extensive experience in translation and interpreting. In the capacity of professional translator and interpreter, she has worked for many government departments such as Department of State Development, Department of Mining and Petroleum, Departments of Agriculture, Departments of Commerce, and WA Supreme Court, District Court, Magistrate court and Commonwealth Circuit Court. She has also worked for many mining and resources companies mainly CP Mining, Woodside, Australian LNG, Rio Tinto, Chevron, Asia Iron, Mindax, New Energy and many more mining and resource projects.  Her extensive translation and interpreting experience covers many subject areas such as industrial, commercial, legal, financial, technical and engineering, environmental, managerial, educational and medical.With such a rich and extensive experience, she has been highly regarded in the language industry as the top translator and interpreter.


Contact our partners now and we will take care of your project from the beginning to the end.


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